Fight the opponent to win. Each opponent starts in a corner with the three monsters that are on their side. Its more fun if you find someone to play with you.

Use the turns to either move yourself into a protective defensive position. Or use your monsters turn to breed them a nearby monster that you click on or train one of your monsters by making him fight with either another one of you monsters or your opponents monster.

The winner is whoever gets their monsters to the opponent and fights with him.

Here's how the game works:

Each team starts with 1 player and 3 monsters. The color, size and particle effect height represent the strength of the monster.

When you control a unit, they have a green tile under them, and all the people on their team have black tiles under them. That's how you tell who's turn it is.

Most actions involve two clicks, the click to select the action, and the click to select the target. All actions can only be used in the 8 tiles around the active unit.

When you breed two monsters: both are destroyed. Then 4 new monsters are placed above, below, to the left and to the right of the target monster. These monsters have stats that can be up to as much as the added stats of their parents. You must control both monsters.

When two monsters fight: Each picks one of: red, green or blue. They tend to pick the color they look most like. A monster who is equally green and red will choose both with equal frequency. Once they pick a color, one of the monsters may get a 2x bonus depending on the color they picked. The bigger monster wins.

Red beats Green, Green Beats Blue, Blue beats Red.

If you're really interested in how combat plays out, here's an example:

Monster 'A' has:

{red: 70, blue: 30, green: 0}

fights Monster 'B' with:

{red: 33, blue: 35, green: 32}

A's Color B's Color A survive B survive Likelihood
Red Red Yes No 23.1
Red Blue No No 24.5
Red Green Yes No 22.4
Blue Red Yes No 9.9
Blue Blue No Yes 10.5
Blue Green No Yes 0.6